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Five for Friday: Bright Points of the Week

Hey, friends! We’re heading into the final long weekend of Summer and I must admit I’m not happy about it. I feel like we just got into our beach-touring groove and then suddenly the days got shorter and the evenings got cooler…noooo! Like all good things, even Summer must end but I won’t give up our beach days without a fight. We’re heading out for a weekend of camping with friends tomorrow (or the next day, weather dependant) and I’m still overly optimistic that the soggy forecast is wrong…the sun will burn off those huge clouds, right? Still no word if school is starting next week as teachers have been on strike since June, (ugh!) which is leaving us in somewhat of a limbo.  Love our teachers but the kiddos have been home long enough. Seriously. But onto brighter things, these beauties caught my eye this week because, I mean, how could they not?!

1. I immediately downloaded this awesome desktop theme from Design Love Fest as soon as I saw it. Can you tell I’m ready to get back to work?

Our Heiday | Design Love FestOur Heiday | Design Love Fest

2. Red Envelope sent me this awesome dipped serving bowl and matching utensils as a housewarming present and it’s been a bright spot on our table all summer! It also comes in an amazing emerald green colour and is on mega sale right now…check it out here:

Birch + Bird | Dipped serving bowl from Red EnvelopeDipped Wooden Serving Bowl | Red Envelope

3. We’ve been in the height of wedding season with our Spruce Vintage Rentals division of the shop so I’m always on the lookout for fresh event inspiration and this floral chandelier is seriously the bomb…love!!

Greer Gattuso Photography | The Not Wedding New Orleans via RuffledGreer Gattuso Photography | The Not Wedding New Orleans via Ruffled

4. I’m beyond thrilled (and entirely envious of her talents, in a good way!) that my partner Jessica just launched an amazing line of illustrated prints in her shiny new shop, Acorn Atelier. I need one of each, no joke!

Acorn Atelier | Jessica MacDonaldAcorn Atelier | Jessica MacDonald

5. I’ll need a good detox after this summer of fun but the good news is that it’s technically summer for a few more weeks and this cocktail looks divine…bottoms up ;)

Grapefruit Sage Mimosa | Shannon KirstenGrapefruit Sage Mimosa | Shannon Kirsten

Do you have big plans for this last Labour Day hurrah? Enjoy, be safe and cheers to the freakin’ weekend…I’ll drink to that ;)

* Disclaimer : I was gifted this beautiful serving bowl set from Red Envelope but all opinions are my own…and always will be :)

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Spruce Vintage Rentals: Our Spring/Summer Collection

Thanks for all of the encouragement and compliments on our new townhouse! I’m so glad you like our new place and reading your comments got me inspired to get hustling and actually decorate…although it might have to wait until next week, I’m still so flipping tired! Besides moving, things have been really busy at the shop and we’ve got a few exciting trips, events and projects in our near future, including a vintage jaunt across the line into Washington State this weekend.  Many people are still surprised to hear that Spruce Collective offers vintage rentals for weddings and other events. This division has grown so fast for us over the last year and a half and so has our inventory! We’re literally bursting at the seams in our basement warehouse yet still keep managing to squeeze in more…we have 3 “new” couches out getting reupholstered as we speak! Each season, we try to showcase our collection and it’s always a creative and fun (not to mention exhausting!) day. Here’s a sneak peek at our latest feature for Spruce Vintage Rentals and you can see the entire catalogue here, ASSEMBLAGE: Spring/Summer 2014:

Spruce Vintage Rentals, All photos by Cristal Sawatzky/Level 6 for Spruce Vintage Rentals.

Spruce Vintage Rentals

View the entire collection, including pricing, here: Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage RentalsAll photos by Cristal Sawatzky/Level 6 for Spruce Vintage Rentals.

Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage Rentals

View the entire collection, including pricing, here: Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage Rentals photos by Cristal Sawatzky/Level 6 for Spruce Vintage Rentals.

Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage Rentals photos by Cristal Sawatzky/Level 6 for Spruce Vintage Rentals.

Pretty, right? I’ll be sure to share more of my favourite pics from the photo shoot next week but in the meantime you can view our entire collection here at the Spruce Vintage Rentals website or view the rest of this season’s look book here,  ASSEMBLAGE: Spring/Summer 2014. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Spruce Vintage Rentals: Our Winter Look-Book

Earlier this month, the Spruce girls and I spent a day in Vancouver shooting our latest look-book for Spruce Vintage Rentals (formerly Trove). We styled three Winter settings at The Urban Winery in Gastown (which is amazing!, featuring a Fireside Table, Gentlemen?s Whiskey Bar (my favourite…weird, right? ;) and Hot Cocoa Lounge. I’m pretty obsessed with the results and wish I had a good excuse to throw a giant holiday party! Photographed beautifully by Mikaela Ruth Photography, we also called on Celsia Florist and Anna Elizabeth Cakes to help with the finer details and they pulled out all the stops. The florals were stunning (wild arrangements of roses, succulents & berries, oh my!) as was Anna?s simply elegant 3-tiered confection?yum! You can flip through the entire look-book here and I’ve included some of our favourite shots below. Enjoy!

All photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography.

Gorgeous cake by Anna Elizabeth Cakes.

Stunning florals by Celsia Florist.

All photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography.

All photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography.

You can see the entire Winter look-book by Spruce Vintage Rentals here:

Gilded Warmth: Spruce Vintage Rentals, Winter 2013

Gorgeous, right? And those bouquets smelled absolutely divine, as I’m sure you can imagine. If you’re in the Gastown neighbourhood (actually, it’s more on the outskirts but well worth a trip down somewhat sketchy side streets!), I highly recommend a visit to The Urban Winery and be sure to check out The Railtown Cafe while you’re at it…our lunch there was beyond delicious! I absolutely love putting together styled shoots like this and feel pretty dang lucky to call it my job. Doesn’t hurt that I do it alongside such a creative bunch of gals too :) Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

September 27, 2013   2 Comments

Fresh Florals: Sweet + Simple

I love fresh flowers (I mean, who doesn’t?) but I find our local grocery stores sorely lacking in the bouquet department. Dyed blue + purple mums? Um, no thank you! But if you live in my neighbourhood, you’ll very likely see me snipping away at my lavender, sedum + succulents before company arrives…at the last minute, of course. I planted hens + chicks this year and they bloomed the most amazing neon yellow “trailers” that are perfect for plucking. You can see a few in this bouquet…

My backyard blooms

Skona Hem

Once Wed



Eva Juliet

Martha Stewart

I love having greenery on our table and near my computer…makes even the most mundane tasks just that little bit more cheerful! What are your fave blooms? Do you grow them yourself, buy them or “borrow” from a friendly neighbour? I’m very good at cutting my plants but maybe not so excellent at weeding…ah, well! Have a bright Wednesday :)

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Trove Vintage Rentals: Part 2

How is your week going so far? Mine’s been pretty good, although I feel like I could use a life coach trying to balance it all  some days. Or maybe I just need a good housekeeper. Now that’s a good dream to work towards! Do you ever feel like you’re just running in circles juggling all of your hats but not making any real steps forward? Lately I’ve started focussing on what I have accomplished each day rather than what I haven’t. It’s much more encouraging that way, wouldn’t you agree?

As promised last post, here are some more pretty images from the shoot I recently styled with my partners at Spruce Collective. Photographed by Mikaela Ruth, we had so much fun displaying our collection of Trove Vintage Rentals for our new Bohemian-inspired look book

Trove Vintage Rentals for Spruce Collective. Photos by Mikaela Ruth.

Trove Vintage Rentals for Spruce Collective. Photos by Mikaela Ruth.

Trove Vintage Rentals for Spruce Collective. Photos by Mikaela Ruth.

Trove Vintage Rentals for Spruce Collective. Photos by Mikaela Ruth.

And just in case you thought we were all sipping champagne behind the scenes, um no, it was far from glamourous. How many Spruce Girls does it take to set up a backdrop, you might ask? Four, apparently! But we gained a new fan, well at least Mikaela did. This handsome fellow couldn’t keep his eyes off of her (or maybe it was the desserts?) and he actually showed his pearly whites for me when I pulled out my phone. No Photoshop, scout’s honour!

So, there’s a good taste of our vintage rentals for you and I posted more on Monday, in case you missed them (click here). You can see more over at our Trove website (click here) or pop by Spruce Collective to see them in person. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll be back to chat on Friday :)

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