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Five for Friday: Impressive Makeovers

Hello again! I’m back, just in time for the weekend…perfect timing ;) We had an awesome time away at our friends’ island cabin last weekend but it’s been back to real life/work/kids this week. Coming back from holidays is always a bit of a downer, right? It’s been raining too, which hasn’t helped, but there’s sunshine in the forecast and I’m hoping to sit lakeside/riverside/poolside somewhere (anywhere!) with the kiddos over the next few days. I’d also like to finally unpack the last of our moving boxes because our empty walls are starting to feel a little scary. Not sure what my deal is this time ’round (seriously, it’s been over 2 months since we moved in!) but it’s high time I break out of my decorating slump and get this show on the road! These impressive makeovers did help me feel some motivation this week:

1. Jordan’s dining room makeover makes a solid argument for painting out wood, beautiful though it may be:

Dining Room Makeover | Oh Happy Day | Photo: Paul Ferney
 Dining Room Makeover | Oh Happy Day | Photo by Paul Ferney

2. I love everything about this black + white bathroom renovation, especially the floors:

29th Ave Bathroom Makeover | Capree Kimball29th Ave Bathroom Makeover | Capree Kimball via Poppytalk

3. This desert patio space is simply made for entertaining:

Patio Makeover | A House in the Hills
Patio Makeover | A House in the Hills

5. My Instagram feed was full of this incredible space, Lombardi House, last night. It’s a new event venue in Hollywood (naturally)…so amazing!

Lombardi HouseLombardi House

5. Dana’s mudroom turned dining/laundry/everything room is the perfect combination of form meets function for busy family living:

Mudroom Makeover | House Tweaking
Mudroom Makeover | House Tweaking

Any projects or home renos in your future? Or are you putting them off like I am? Summer’s a tough one…sometimes it’s just easier to pour another cocktail than it is to hang a picture, just sayin’! Cheers to the weekend :)

July 25, 2014   3 Comments

West Elm: New for Fall 2014

The Summer heat finally kicked in and I’m loving it! I’m still taking things pretty easy after my surgery a few weeks ago but I’m feeling much more like myself and I cannot wait to get back to my usual activities, work and family fun. This “relaxing” business has been far more difficult than I thought it would be and I’m eager to get on with things, including finally decorating our new house. West Elm sent me a press kit for some of their new arrivals and I’m really loving the retro-meets-global vibe they’ve got going on for Fall, with price points for every budget too! Here are some pieces that I would be more than happy to bring home:

West Elm: Mid Century Glass PendantWest Elm | Mid Century Glass Pendant
West Elm: Ladder BookshelfWest Elm | Ladder Bookshelf
West Elm: Ainslie SofaWest Elm | Ainslie Sofa
West Elm: Mini Smeg FridgeWest Elm | Mini Smeg Fridge (arriving Fall 2014)
West Elm | Hand Blocked Stepped Diamond Pillow CoverWest Elm | Hand Blocked Stepped Diamond Pillow Cover
West Elm |Arriving Fall 2014West Elm | Arriving Fall 2014

I’m crushing hard on all of these new finds (especially that pendant light…I kind of need it!) and how cute is that mini Smeg fridge?! Pretty sure I’d let Brad have 3 beer fridges if they all looked like that ;) Hope you’re keeping cool, enjoy your Wednesday!

July 9, 2014   1 Comment

Colour Crush: Aqua, Teal, Green + Everything in Between

It’s no secret that green is my favourite colour but when it comes to saying which shade or tint of the hue is the peak of perfection, I’d be hard pressed to decide! While I love a good emerald or leafy green, the colours of the sea may be the ones that call to me most but there are so many variations (not to mention colour combinations) that I could never settle on just one. The best part about green is that it honestly goes with just about any decorating scheme. Don’t believe me? Nature is always the ultimate colour guide and green never looks out of place…

Kinfolk Dinner | A Daily Something Kinfolk Dinner | A Daily Something
Photo by Tia Borgsmidt | Styling by Mette Helena RasmussenPhoto by Tia Borgsmidt | Styling by Mette Helena Rasmussen | via Nordic Design
Photo by Amanda Prior | Styling by Jessica Hanson | Inside Out Magazine via Poppytalk
Photo by Amanda Prior | Styling by Jessica Hanson | Inside Out Magazine via Poppytalk 

How awesome is that Choose Your Own Adventure print? I hunted it down and it’s available here, along with some other awesome artwork and home decor…great site! Anyone remember reading those books? I loved them and think this quote (which just happens to be one of Brad’s favourites…he’s got a lot of one-liners ;) is a good reminder that we’re all capable of changing the course of our lives, one decision at a time.  Here’s another amazing print from Blacklist:

Don't Give up the Ship print by BlacklistDon’t Give up the Ship print by Blacklist
Honeydew Basil Spritzer | A House in the HillsHoneydew Basil Spritzer | A House in the Hills

 Mm, that cocktail looks refreshing doesn’t it? Mondays should always require an early happy hour start time, just saying ;) Cheers to a good week ahead!

July 7, 2014   2 Comments

Take Me to Church: A Family Home Renovation

Well, I’m officially beat. Last week and this weekend totally kicked my a$$ …3 parties at our house is just a little too much for this mama, especially with Brad away camping all weekend, but I survived and I’m ready to attempt another busy week ahead. The schools are on full strike now so all working parents in BC are in extreme juggling mode but so far I’ve got childcare somewhat lined up…I think. Despite the juggling act and sad moments that school got cut short (as in ended suddenly…we didn’t even get to say goodbye!), it does feel good to ease into Summer mode and less driving is always a good thing. My nerves are feeling somewhat on edge after organizing events, schedules and babysitting and I could sure use a peaceful moment, how about you? Now you know I love a good home conversion (see here, here and here) and I can’t imagine a more serene home than a church! This Australian church was originally built in the 1800′s and was operational until only 10 years ago before being converted into a cozy family home, full of vintage treasures and modern conveniences:

Photographer: Sean Fennessy, Producer: Lucy Feagins, Source: The Design FilesPhotographer: Sean Fennessy, Producer: Lucy Feagins, Source: The Design Files via Domaine

Photographer: Sean Fennessy, Producer: Lucy Feagins, Source: The Design Files

Photographer: Sean Fennessy, Producer: Lucy Feagins, Source: The Design FilesPhotographer: Sean Fennessy, Producer: Lucy Feagins, Source: The Design Files via Domaine

Photographer: Sean Fennessy, Producer: Lucy Feagins, Source: The Design Files

Photographer: Sean Fennessy, Producer: Lucy Feagins, Source: The Design FilesPhotographer: Sean Fennessy, Producer: Lucy Feagins, Source: The Design Files via Domaine

On a personal note, I’m going in for surgery on Thursday and I’m feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing. It’s not serious (as in it’s not a medical emergency but all surgery is fairly serious I suppose!) and I won’t go into details now but I will be in recovery-mode over the next few weeks so you might see a lot less of me…or more, depending on how bored I get! Despite the recovery side of things, it will be nice to put my feet up and finally read that stack (as in 12!) of magazine subscriptions that I haven’t had a chance to read yet, not to mention getting in some serious cuddle/book reading/movie watching time with my kiddos. I’ll be back to chat on Wednesday but have a great start to your week :)

June 16, 2014   2 Comments

Friday Finds: Patios, Portraits + Party Tunes

Hey there, it’s Friday! I’m so glad the weekend is here, how about you? This week has felt a little off to me…not bad per say, just off. Cranky kids, teacher strike/lock out, plans falling through, you know, just one of those kind of weeks. Oh well, I’m putting it all behind me and hitting the road with my Spruce girls and couldn’t be more excited! I love a good vintage treasure hunt and we’re heading into Washington State with 3 vehicles (I’ll be attempting to drive my dad’s Sprinter van for the first time, eek!). I have no doubt that we’ll come back with a full load and it’s always fun to go road tripping with my girls. We’re supposed to have a beautifully hot and sunny weekend and there will be plenty of time for fun on a patio (or two!) after today’s jaunt, with a cold drink in hand of course! We’ve got work to do on our own little patio and I thought the following were great inspiration for indoors and out:

Built in patio benches by Smitten StudioSmitten Studio

Linen Portrait Collection by Three Potato FourThree Potato Four

Poppytalk for Target Party CollectionPoppytalk for Target Party Collection

Cute, right? I can’t wait to check out the new Poppytalk for Target Party Collection in a couple of weeks (it launches on my birthday, lucky me!) and just bought some globe string lights for our own outdoor area. Every patio party needs fresh tunes so here are a few of my faves from this week. I’m a little obsessed with the Coldplay one…it’s literally been on repeat the last 3 days! The rest of the album is pretty great too. Happy weekend!

May 30, 2014   4 Comments