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Fresh Florals: Sweet + Simple

I love fresh flowers (I mean, who doesn’t?) but I find our local grocery stores sorely lacking in the bouquet department. Dyed blue + purple mums? Um, no thank you! But if you live in my neighbourhood, you’ll very likely see me snipping away at my lavender, sedum + succulents before company arrives…at the last minute, of course. I planted hens + chicks this year and they bloomed the most amazing neon yellow “trailers” that are perfect for plucking. You can see a few in this bouquet…

My backyard blooms

Skona Hem

Once Wed



Eva Juliet

Martha Stewart

I love having greenery on our table and near my computer…makes even the most mundane tasks just that little bit more cheerful! What are your fave blooms? Do you grow them yourself, buy them or “borrow” from a friendly neighbour? I’m very good at cutting my plants but maybe not so excellent at weeding…ah, well! Have a bright Wednesday :)

July 31, 2013   3 Comments

Endless Summer: Taking it Outside

How was your weekend? Mine was fantastic and we spent most of it outside, soaking up this endless summer sunshine. It didn’t hurt that I got a head start on the weekend with my friend Julia in the city and we had an amazing night out. She truly is the hostess with the mostess and put together the best patio/pub crawl…we paced ourselves very well…and I’m thinking she should start a blog, non? Funny enough, she’s the one who inspired me to start writing this little blog! I spent the rest of the weekend with my man, lots of friends and our kiddos (of course!). After two days by the river in Yarrow, I must admit that we’re all dreaming about the country life, just a little bit! But city or country, with weather like this I think just about everybody is doing what they can to spend most of their time outdoors. And I can imagine plenty of sparkling conversation happening in these fresh air spaces…

Habitus Living

Skona Hem

Magnolia Rouge

Design Love Fest

The Design Files


What outdoor fun have you been getting up to this summer? Brad’s got 5 days off coming up and we’re hoping to make a last minute beachside getaway happen. If we can’t swing it (I was far too tardy on booking a vacation rental, doh!) I’m pretty sure we’ll be equally happy with beachy day trips closer to home. There’s nothing quite like British Columbia in the summer! Enjoy your Monday :)


July 29, 2013   11 Comments

Summer Sips + Sweets

I don’t know about you, but this never-ending sunshine is making happy hour come mighty easy ’round these parts! I’m trying to eat healthy and walk every night but there’s something about 5 o’clock (ok let’s be real, 4:00) that just begs for a cool sip…or two, if company’s around ;) I’ll have to reign it in at some point but thought I may as well send out a little shout-out to the decadent sips and sweets of summer before my serious workout regime begins. But come on, how refreshing do these cocktails look? Twist my rubber arm…

How Sweet Eats

My Life at Playtime

Heather Cameron

Janis Nicolay

Simply Delicious

Sugar Crafter

Yum, right? Do you find it easier to eat healthy in the warmer months? In some ways I do…lighter salads and fruit are always great for lunch and snacks…but I find I get pretty lazy around dinner time so it’s good to keep meat for the BBQ and fresh veggies on hand for last minute meals. Would love to hear your healthy eating tricks and tips! Have a great Monday :)

July 22, 2013   3 Comments

Week + End: Link Love

Hello, Friday! It’s been another whirl wind of a week over here. I had the kids in day camps and while having all 3 in activities all at once seemed like a good idea in theory, it meant a tonne of extra driving (not to mention early mornings). But the important part was that they all had fun..the girls created a storm of art over at 4 Cats Art Studio and Gabe was in his element skateboarding. I juggled work into the mix and the Spruce girls and I even managed a big vintage shopping day down in Bellingham yesterday…good thing we brought 2 vehicles because we scored pretty big :) Here are some lovely links from the week:

1. The kitchen linens artisanal goods over at A Sunny Afternoon are beyond amazing:

A Sunny Afternoon via Smitten Studio

2. I thought that Katie blew it out of the park with her son’s camping themed party last week…until I saw her daughter’s 1st birthday party:

Katie’s Pencil Box

3. This DIY hammock looks just about perfect for the sunny weekend ahead:

Camille Styles

4. My girls would spend hours making and playing with these adorable dolls. Off to the dollar store we go…:

Oh My Little Dears

5. Everything about this drink station is refreshing! Loving that drink dispenser too:

Country Living

And here are just a few songs I’ve been loving over on Songza lately:

What are your weekend plans? We don’t have any yet, which actually feels pretty nice! But this amazing sunshine looks like it’s planning on sticking around (this must be some sort of a record, seriously!) which makes everything about a lazy weekend all the more perfect. Cheers!

July 19, 2013   1 Comment

Week + End: Summery Links + Tunes

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through July, isn’t it? I’m trying hard not to notice the summer days flying past on the calendar. Our days have been full of sunshine, fresh air, work + lots of play and life is good. I took the kids down to Jam in Jubilee last night and we had a great time! It’s happening every Thursday evening now through August so if you live in the Abbotsford area and like live music (they have an art market too), I highly recommend that you come check it out. Great people watching too ;) Do you have big plans for the weekend? We’ll be hitting the beach in White Rock at some point but otherwise, it’s the dog days of summer over here!

1. The property that this Texas ranch sits on is truly beyond words:

Country Living

2. These coconut mango popsicle look delicious and are pretty healthy too:

Skinny Taste

3. Katie’s “Camp Max” party really raised the bar:

Katie’s Pencil Box

This hex table and rug combo from West Elm had me at hello…loving that hit of royal blue:

Emily Henderson

5. Happy hour? On the patio? At this time of day? Well, ok!

Summer Night Cocktail from A Beautiful Mess

And everyone knows that a good cocktail needs some good tunes to keep it company so here are some new favourites this week. I found a cool playlist builder (I had to refresh my browser to see it)…let me know what you think:

Looks like we’ve got plenty more sunshine in the forecast and I for one am loving every minute of it! Cheers to another bright weekend :)

July 12, 2013   3 Comments