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Just Another Manic Monday…

I’m feeling a wee bit maxed out after the past few days. Single-momming it (Brad’s away on work, don’t worry!), Christmas decorating at the shop (a waaay bigger production than any of us anticipated!), hosting a baby shower for my beautiful sister (I’m almost an auntie, hooray!) and life in general have all caught up with me.  So I’m going to take a few days off to gather my thoughts and organize a few things, like the state of my kitchen table! See you again on Friday and have a great week :)

Photo by Vickey Weiss for Design*Sponge

November 5, 2012   7 Comments

The Art of Display

My new partners and I are seriously powering through with all of the details for our new storefront…nothing like a tight deadline to keep things moving! So far, I’m totally amazed by how smoothly things keep falling into place and we’ve had so many serendipitous moments along the way. Our renovations to the store itself are starting to come together and I cannot wait to share the final results with you in a few very short weeks! We’re almost ready to get to the fun part of setting up shop and displaying our wares throughout Spruce Collective…obviously far more fun than the business side of things! It will likely be a wee bit overwhelming once we unload all of our vintage finds and new products into the space but for now I’m collecting inspirational retail spaces like these to stay motivated throughout the process…

Three Fold Eatery via Habitus Living

Donna Hay General Store

Harvest Textiles via The Design Files. Photo by Sean Fennessy.


Photo by Sarah Szwajkos for Elle Decor

Photo by Bodil Bergqvist for Trendenser

Thank you all for your encouraging words and positive thoughts along the way! It’s always great to hear so feel free keep the comments and vibes coming! I’m finding it extremely hard to believe that school starts in only a few days! Tuesday morning will come mighty fast and I haven’t had much time to wrap my mind around it, to tell you the truth. I do hope that the sun comes back out though and that we can possibly squeeze in one last beach day before we’re back to routine for good. What do you have planned for the long weekend?




August 29, 2012   11 Comments

Collective Thinking: Shared Workspaces

Rachel and I have mentioned several times before about our longing for home workspaces of our own. Now that the kids on vacation from school it’s been especially hard for me to sit down and write (between “I want a snack!” and “can you turn the sprinkler on?” interruptions) and I’ve pulled a few more late nighters than I anticipated. I did plan on stocking up at least a few more blog topics this week while they were at their day camps but suddenly found myself very distracted with a potential business adventure and it’s BIG! I am literally chomping at the bit to tell you more but for now will have to leave you hanging, at least until some key details fall into place. But these pictures may just give you a huge hint about what’s in the works for the very near future…

Photo by Bethany Nauert for Apartment Therapy


Micasa Revista. Photo by Jake Fitzjones.

Amy Osaba Floral Workshop via 100 Layer Cake

Photo by Carina Olander for Bolig Pluss


Design Milk

Atlanta Homes via Verdigris Vie

The Globe & Mail. Design by Kelly Deck. Photo by Barry Calhoun.

Photo by Jennifer Causey for Design*Sponge

Have you had the opportunity to sit with a group of like-minded people to brainstorm and swap ideas with? I’ve been lucky enough to share plenty of creative sessions with Rachel (who I’ve been missing more than ever this week!) and casual coffee dates with other vintage sellers, bloggers and larger groups as well. It always feels great to bounce ideas off of others who “get” what you’re doing and I’m always amazed at the amount of creative inspiration that can spark from seemingly chance encounters. Fingers crossed that I’ll have many more of these meetings-of-the-minds very soon! Sorry for the cliff hanger but please stay tuned…

July 26, 2012   8 Comments

Craving Order

I hope no one I know was walking by my house after dinner last night because I may or may not have had a few “moments” over the untidy state of our house! My kids have taken full advantage of my distraction over the last month or so of market planning and the piles of stuff that have been continuously shuffled from one place to the next finally took their toll…mommy freak out! My husband wisely headed for the couch while I tackled my daughters’ shared room (the primary trouble zone!) and then cleared out their craft/colouring cupboard. One recycling bag, one garbage bag and one big bag to give away and I feel like a load has been lifted! I had a good chat with my 6 year old (after the dust settled) about how I feel like my brain gets really messy when the rooms around me are messy. Can anyone else relate? I still have a couple more closets and drawers to conquer but I’d love to clear out some more clutter before the weekend. It’s my youngest’s 4th birthday on Monday and I need to make room for new gifts, not to mention getting my house visit-ready for two rounds of friends and family parties!

The Marion House Book. Photo by Kristin Sjaarda.

While it’s no secret that I love colour, there’s something so calming about a neutral backdrop, don’t you think? And while I love looking at minimalist spaces, I also love displaying my treasures and a certain amount of knick-knacks will always be present in my home. I chose to share all of these photos because I think they’re pretty realistic and achievable for everyday life…at least for a few moments when the kids are at school! I’m a big fan of regular purging but it gets very hard to control what comes in once little ones are in the mix. Between birthday gifts, craft supplies, the obscene amount of laundry (and shoes!) one family can have and more, it’s amazing how fast a mountain of clutter can grow. How do you maintain order in your home? Whether you’re single or have a large brood, have quick tips or a life changing list, I’d truly love to know!

Est Magazine. Photo by Georgina Skinner.

Petra Bindel for Elle Interior Sweden via La Maison d’Anna G

Real Simple. Photo by David Prince.Design*Sponge. Home of Annabelle Kerslake of Fete Magazine.

Stellan Herner via SF Girl By Bay

Remodelista via Miss Moss. Photo by David John.

 Better Homes & Gardens

I’m pretty sure that, like most things in life, there’s no magic formula to maintaining an organized home. It all comes down to limiting what comes in and consistently clearing out what’s not being used to it’s full capacity. Easier said than done sometimes but it definitely feels great getting at least a couple of trouble spots under control…for now!

June 7, 2012   5 Comments

Flea Market Storage Solutions

We made it to Florida without any hitch although I did get a pat down at the gate just before going on to the plane.  I guess I look very suspicious.  Between the 3 of us, we had 10 pieces of luggage to maneuver and I thankfully checked four right off the bat but it was still trickier than I thought to herd two kids and 6 bags.  Who knew?  The girls traveled really well and they were so excited to see their dad at the end of the trip, who they hadn’t seen in 6 weeks.  It feels so great to be together as a family again.  Our rental is furnished with big box deals and is sorely lacking in storage.  None of the bedrooms have dressers so we will be living out of our suitcases for the next several months.  I’m content with this right now but eventually it might be nice to bring some character back into our living space.  A large house is something I’ve never wanted and I could really go for Jessica’s sweet little cottage that Lily featured yesterday.  It just feels more manageable, realistic and comfortable.  And let’s be honest, if you are one to keep up on design trends, it’s much more affordable to redecorate smaller spaces.  The downside of a small space is that it can look cluttered rather quickly and it takes discipline to win the battle.  Rather than resorting to expensive and sometimes unattractive storage solutions, there are plenty of vintage alternatives out there just waiting to be found.

Graham & Green

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

House to Home

The Fisherman’s Cottage

Tara Sloggett

Tine K Home

Better Homes & Gardens


Graham & Green

Martha Stewart

Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes & Gardens

The warm weather here is exactly as I have been dreaming and I’m looking forward to getting through a few more obstacles so that we can really start settling in.  There is still a pile of paperwork to conquer and our belongings will be in transit for another week or so.  Today, we’ll spend some time at the pool, go for a walk and then drive my husband to the airport.  Just three days into our arrival, he’s off on a business trip for the rest of the week.  Life has already begun.  Speaking of which, I must go.  The girls have been waiting patiently for me to finish this post so they can go for a swim.  Cheers!

February 28, 2012   12 Comments