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Friday Finds: Happy Spring!

Hooray, Spring is officially here! I ventured into our backyard yesterday to clip some fresh greenery and spotted plenty of new growth and signs of life in the garden. Buds are starting to bloom, birds are chirping and the sunshine is slowly starting to bring colour to our corner of the world, all of which have me dreaming of summer BBQ’s and beach lounging! I’m getting ahead of myself, I know, but there’s just something about Spring that inspires thoughts of new beginnings and fresh adventures, isn’t there? Here are some other fresh finds for this first weekend of Spring:

1. Loving this look inside another one of my favourite design bloggers homes, Lucy Feagins, author of Australia’s The Design Files:

The Design Files. Photo by Eve Wilson.The Design Files. Photo by Eve Wilson.

2. I’m striving to cook more and try new recipes and think these printable recipe cards are far cuter than any iPad app:

A Fabulous FeteA Fabulous Fete (FREE PRINTABLE!)

3. Coffee is a staple in our house (not to mention at the shop!) and this fully stocked coffee cart would be super handy. Loving the black Smeg fridge against the black wall too, dramatic!:

A Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess

4. I haven’t used much wallpaper in my own home but the bright prints over at Anthropologie are calling my name:

Anthropologie "Paeonia" WallpaperAnthropologie “Paeonia” Wallpaper

5. This black + white bathroom is so flipping timeless and I’m in love. I mean, come on, that sink!:

Emilie Bedard Architecte via Home AdoreEmilie Bedard Architecte via Home Adore via Simply Grove

I’m going to take a little blogging break to enjoy our last week of Spring Break but have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back to chat soon enough! Here are some fresh tunes for your listening pleasure too. Cheers :)

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Friday Finds: Nature Inspired

What a week! I’m officially exhausted but made it through a busy week of filming at our shop. It was pretty exciting being used as the set location for a movie and it’s incredible how much happens behind the scenes to make everything come together. Not sure I’ll look at tv the same way again! Monica and I were at the shop until the wee hours last night after the crew packed up and put things to rights and it’s funny how it suddenly looks as though nothing happened, everything’s back to normal! Well, except for the fine dusting of Christmas glitter that we’re sure to be finding for weeks to come ;) Spring Break starts now and I need to hustle to plan the next two weeks of family fun for the kiddos. We’re not going away (although I dream of heading for hot sand like the photo below!) but we’ll head out on at least a few day trips and activities to keep us all happy and sane. Here are just a few links I’ve loved this week:

Decorating with Flowers by Holly Becker + Leslie by Holly BeckerLeslie Shewring

Villa Kalos, GreeceVilla Kalos, Greece via est

Design*Sponge. Young in the Mountains studio. Photo by Kelly Ishikawa.Young in the Mountains studio tour Design*Sponge. Photo by  Kelly Ishikawa.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Spring Fling: Colourful Art, Bright Accents + Girl Power

It suddenly feels like Spring, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s the whole “Springing forward” time change or seeing buds starting to bloom but whatever it is, I’m ready for it! The last of the snow has melted (knock on wood!) and I even left the house without a jacket yesterday, risky after the torrential downpours, I know but it feels great to start shedding layers. The changing of seasons is the perfect time to switch things up on the decor side of things and I always love seeing unexpected pops of colour. Art, rugs and quirky vintage finds are my favourite ways to inject bold hues into my own house and here are some other bright ideas:

"Girls vs. Women" print by Jenny Highsmith | MaieDae“Girls vs. Women” print by Jenny Highsmith

I came across the above Jenny Highsmith print recently and immediately ordered a copy for each of my Spruce partners (and more to sell in our shop, they’ll be in stock later this week!) and cannot wait to hang mine up at home! It’s been mildly shocking how often we’re asked “how on earth can five women be in business together?!” (generally accompanied by a skeptical laugh) and even more shocking that the question is most frequently asked by other women. I don’t suppose that certain reality shows have done us any favours and although it’s really unfortunate that some people find it easier to visualize cat fighting brawls instead of creative collaboration, I’m extremely thankful that this quote sums up the reality of our collective experience at Spruce! I truly hope that it’s reflective of your own relationships with women as well. Happy International Women’s Day, by the way :)

Ikea Hack, Jallvik colour blocked frames. Photo by Livet Hemma. Livet Hemma via Poppytalk

INT2 ArchitectureINT2 Architecture via Behance via My Paradissi

Style Me Pretty. Hong Photography.Hong Photography for Style Me Pretty

Studio of Leah Alexandra. Photo by Janis Nicolay. Styling by The Cross.

Studio of Leah Alexandra in Style at Home magazine. Photo by Janis Nicolay via SF Girl by Bay. Styling by The Cross Design.

My AtticMy Attic

HK Living. Trendspanarna.HK Living via Trendspanarna.

Whether your budget is big (lucky you!) or small (I can relate), it doesn’t take much to add a little taste of Spring to your space. Bright blooms are always a great place to start (tulips are my fave) and I’ve framed everything from postcards and book pages to tea towels and wallpaper scraps, cheap and easy! Do you adjust your colour scheme with changing seasons? If so, I’d love to hear your own tips and tricks. Chat soon!

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Friday Finds: Fresh Spaces, New Skills and A Playlist

This week has been a bit bumpy so I’m really glad it’s Friday again! I feel like I’ve been fighting off a head cold, which makes sense since my kids have been alternating sick days, and a foggy head on top of my usual work load and the dreaded tax season (seriously, why do always leave it so late!) add up to some serious brain drain. But I’m shaking off the cobwebs and heading into the city tonight to meet some girlfriends for a night out, the perfect remedy! On an exciting note, a Hallmark movie will be shooting on location at my store, Spruce Collective, starting on Sunday! We’ll be closed for 5 days while they take over (I can’t wait to see how they transform the space overnight, literally!) and it’s a fun little burst of fame for our block in Downtown Abbotsford. I wonder if they need any extras?? Here are some links I’ve loved this week:

1. I’m feeling the urge to learn a new skill and calligraphy is right at the top of my list! I’m super jealous of anyone with hand lettering skills and have been craving a hands-on creative outlet so a class like this one (held in San Francisco recently) looks pretty top notch:

Photo by Angie Cao for Petals and PenmanshipPhoto by Angie Cao for Petals and Penmanship (led by Kiana Underwood and Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls) via SF Girl by Bay

2. Speaking of new skills, one of my big dreams (I have many, it’s a problem!) for the shop is to have a big studio/event space someday. This one in the UK would be perfect! Now if only I had a magic wand:

Light LocationsLight Locations

3. There is so much natural light flooding into this Belgian home. That combined with layers of texture and vintage furniture make it such a warm and welcoming space, especially the main living room:

Elle Decor. Photo by Richard Powers.Elle Decor. Photo by Richard Powers.

4. I enjoy baking much more than I do cooking (might just be the stage I’m in with the kiddos, skeptical looks and “ew!” is pretty common when I try new dinner dishes. Muffins and cookies are always a win!) and would love to expand my horizons with that skill set too. One of my favourite movies is It’s Complicated, especially that scene where Meryl Streep teaches Steve to bake chocolate croissants (so romantic, right?!) and I’ve wanted to learn how ever since. This Knead and Know croissant making class looks absolutely scrumptious:

Knead & Know croissant class. Photo by Rebekah J. Murray.Knead and Know via A Daily Something. Photo by Rebekah J. Murray.

5. It’s no secret that I love concrete floors but I’m generally drawn to the honed or Acid-stained variety.  The high gloss floors of this Danish home are so striking though, aren’t they? They become such a focal point for the space and almost look like water. Very cool:

Rum Hemma. Photo by Peter Kragballe.

What’s a weekend without music? Here are some new additions to my current playlist. Cheers :)

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Colour Crush: Aqua + Green

I’d hoped to feel rested up by today but somehow I’m not. No good excuse either! We were homebodies for most of the weekend, which felt great in a way but had it’s frustrating moments, including refereeing squabbling children. I feel like we’ve got so many projects that we want to do around our house but I’m holding back (or stuck) for a couple of reasons. A) Funds are tight and we just can’t tackle the big projects like flooring, kitchen, etc anytime soon and B) I’m just so freaking tired these days that I don’t know if I have the energy to finish even a little project! But I know that the latter is just a mildly lazy excuse and I’m perfectly capable of organizing a closet (or three) so I think I just need to make an actual goal list for the week to get some momentum going. Small projects, even simple ones, can make a world of difference and I’m the type of person who thrives on project planning. Thankfully, my store is the perfect creative outlet when I’m in a rut on the home front and we’ve got a few exciting projects in the works that I can’t wait to share. In the meantime, to coax Spring out of hiding here’s a collection of spaces + products featuring my current colour crush, aqua + green:

Oh Happy Day | Photo by Paul FerneyOh Happy Day | Photo by Paul Ferney

Oh Joy! for TargetOh Joy! for Target (available March 16th)

"Swim" by Janis Nicolay | Pinecone Camp“Swim” by Janis Nicolay | Pinecone Camp

Cartolina "You're a Gem" CardCartolina (also available at Spruce Collective)

Yvonne EllenYvonne Ellen

Isn’t there an old saying, “together blue and green should never be seen”? Well I totally disagree, obviously ;) Enjoy this soggy Monday!

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