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White + Wood: Adding Warmth

Happy belated Easter! Did you have a good weekend? Ours included lots of family time, far too many mini eggs, just the right amount of red wine and far too little progress with packing. In fact, I actually bought more at Ikea than I packed here at home, yikes! Our “new” townhouse was just completely renovated and is a clean slate which is awesome in so many ways but it also means we’re stocking up on closet organizers and other storage solutions pre-move to make the transition as easy as possible. It’s also very shiny and white, definitely the newest looking space that we’ll ever have lived in (despite it’s 37 years) and I’m really excited to warm it up with rustic wood accents, vintage pieces, art and overall layers of texture and pattern. Here are some great examples of warm white spaces with vintage personality:

HomeLifeHomelife via A House in the Hills

Las Cositas de Beach & Eauvía Las Cositas de Beach & Eau

Photo by James Stokes for VT Wonen.Photo by James Stokes for VT Wonen via The Style Files

Bri Emery's bedroom. Design by DesignLoveFest & SF Girl by Bay. Photo by Laure Joliet. Bri Emery‘s bedroom. Design by SF Girl by Bay + DesignLoveFestPhoto by Laure Joliet.

Photo by Lisa Romerein/OTTOPhoto by Lisa Romerein/OTTO via One King’s Lane

Thanks to all of you who shared moving tips on my last post, keep ‘em coming! Brad and I both have the day off today and the plan is to make an actual start at packing so I’d better get cracking. Enjoy your Monday!

April 21, 2014   6 Comments

Au Naturel: Wood Ceilings, Shelves + More

Living on the West Coast, we’re no strangers to wood. It literally surrounds us in live forests and is one of our most used building materials and resources for export. While I would never balk at painting out dated finishes (like those weird bleached pink cabinet doors of the ’80s or that shiny orang-ey oak of matching dining sets or lacquered cherry anything) I’m definitely a big fan of highlighting exposed wood throughout the home. It brings so much natural warmth to a space, especially when balanced with other finishes and textures to keep it from looking like a hunting lodge (not that I wouldn’t enjoy a good hunting lodge, especially with a roaring fire and hot toddy in hand but you get my drift). Our own ceiling (which you can catch a glimpse of here and here) are original circa 1969 cedar tongue + groove and were the selling feature when we first walked through the front door 6 years ago. I love them just as much now as I did then, especially when it rains. We have no attic and it really feels like we’re cozied up in a cabin in the woods (or possibly a hunting lodge) with raindrops (and often pinecones) pattering down overhead. Here are some great spaces made even better with the addition of natural wood accents:

Domino. Photo by Brittany Ambridge.Domino. Photo by Brittany Ambridge.

Better Homes & GardensBetter Homes & Gardens

RTL WoonMagazineRTL WoonMagazine

How genius is the above bench? Seriously, such a great idea especially for entertaining when it can just be tucked out of site or pulled out in a pinch. I also love that the designer chose a different wood colour than the floor to make it stand out. Not a fan of anything matchy-matchy, can you tell?

Sugar & ClothSugar & Cloth

Manhattan NestManhattan Nest

See the last picture? It’s a fabulous reno of a formerly hideous space (so rude, I know but you really have to see the entire transformation to see what I mean!) and I love how Daniel painted out the original wood floorboards (gasp! don’t worry, they were in really bad shape) before building a natural wood desktop and floating shelves. What do you think? Well, I’m off to the shop now to sort through the vintage treasures that my partner Jessica and I bought yesterday (we went on a mild spree South of the border!) before a creative brainstorming session with the rest of my Spruce girls. Have I mentioned before that I love my job? Because I do :)

March 5, 2014   3 Comments

Bon Voyage: I’m Off to Alt Summit!

Today is the day! I’m off to Salt Lake City to attend my first Alt Summit and couldn’t be more excited! The schedule is insane (in a good way) with so many great sessions to choose from and I know my brain will be bursting by the time I fly home on Sunday. Brad took some holiday time and will be hanging at home with the kiddos (so much easier than juggling them around!) and I know they’ll have tonnes of fun. While I’ll miss my sweet family, I’m sure my own (quiet) hotel room for the next few nights will more than make up for it ;) As promised, here’s a peek at the new business cards I had made up for the Alt networking extravaganza. My partner Jessica helped me out with the design and I had them printed double-sided on two different types of wood by local printers, Jukebox. They were pricey but I’m hoping they’ll stand out in the crowd and I really love how the wood ties my 2 business names together.

My Alt Summit Business Cards

As I’ve mentioned before, going to a conference of this size by myself is a big leap out of my comfort zone but I’m feeling pretty confident and know I’ll learn so much and meet so many new people that it’ll be well worth any wavering moments of self-doubt. I’m sure nerves will kick in pretty quick once my plane touches down but I’ll be sure to squeeze in at least a few zen moments each day to take the edge off, inspired by these pics:

The Every GirlThe Every Girl

SF Girl by BaySF Girl by Bay

Janis NicolayJanis Nicolay

The Glitter GuideThe Glitter Guide

I’ll take a little break from the blog until next week but you can follow my trip to Alt over on Instagram in the meantime. Wish me luck and have a wonderful week :)

January 22, 2014   5 Comments

Friday Finds: Bright Links to Love

Happy Friday to you! The past few days feel all mixed up so it’s hard to believe the weekend is here already. My Spruce girls and I spent the weekend and most of the week tackling our office reno at the shop (you can see progress pics on my Instagram feed) and freshening up the store and I must say it’s looking so good! In the midst of it (but in the privacy of her hospital room!), our partner Kevi gave birth to a baby boy, so exciting!  On another note, one of my unspoken goals this month was to connect more with the people I love and I’ve somehow managed to fit in 2 lunch dates and 3 evenings with friends into the mix. It just kind of happened that way (I think we’re all eager to come out of Winter hibernation) and although I’m super tired and my house is far from clean, overall it’s been a really fulfilling week.  More excitement is on the horizon too, I leave for Alt Summit on Wednesday, eek! I feel far from prepared but thought I’d at least share some colourful finds to encourage a bright weekend for all of us:

The Design FilesThe Design Files

"This Girl is on Fire" Print by Live Love StudioLive Love Studio

Homestyle MagHomestyle Mag via Fancy

Justina BlakeneyJustina Blakeney

Studio BoombaStudio Boomba

Cheerful, right? I figured these pics all speak for themselves so I’ll leave it at that for today. Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back to chat on Monday!

January 17, 2014   1 Comment

Sugar + Spice: Harlow’s Nursery

As this week kicks into high gear before our next batch of Holiday markets, I must admit that I’ve dreamed (more than once!) of escaping the hustle + bustle and flying off to a hot, deserted beach somewhere far (very far) away. Sounds dreamy, right? But back to hustling it is and, despite being stretched just a wee bit thin, it’s all coming together (it always does!).  My friend Jayme sent over some pics of her adorable daughter’s nursery this week that I’m pretty excited to share! I love getting a sneak peek inside other people’s homes (obviously!) and it’s a treat to be able to share a space that I’ve actually seen in person. You may remember Jayme’s kitchen renovation that I helped out with last year and they’ve since added to their family with sweet baby Harlow. I love how her nursery is feminine without being too fussy and there are so many handmade and whimsical touches throughout. But don’t just take my word for it, come take a look:

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.All photos by Jayme Anne Photography

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.All photos by Jayme Anne Photography

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.All photos by Jayme Anne Photography

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.

Birch + Bird: Harlow Lang's Nursery. Jayme Anne Photography.All photos by Jayme Anne Photography

And, I mean, just look at the little lady of the moment. Seriously! Cute as a button, isn’t she? Such a little bird and I think Jayme did an amazing job with her room. I love that it’s a space that Harlow can easily grow into too. Curious about where things are from? Here are the sources:

I’ll do my best to pop in and say hello before the weekend but if things get too crazy, I’ll see you again on Monday!

November 27, 2013   2 Comments