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Trend Alert: Where the Buffalo Roam

I’ve got a big thing for quirky wall art (as you can see here and here) and after seeing Emily Henderson‘s bedroom makeover for Joanna Goddard last week, I pretty much fell in love with Sir Buffalo hanging over the bed! It’s one of many stunning photographs (seriously, there are far too many great shots to choose from!) by Sharon Montrose over at The Animal Print Shop  and I just love how unexpected and stoic he looks watching over the room. Other spaces and products featuring the proud bison kept catching my eye over the weekend too so I thought I’d share just a few of my faves:

Birch + Bird: Cup of Jo. Design by Emily Henderson. Photo by Ryan Liebe.Cup of Jo bedroom makeover. Design by Emily Henderson. Photo by Ryan Liebe. Art by Sharon Montrose.

Birch + Bird: Bison by White Faux Taxidermy.White Faux Taxidermy

Birch + Bird: Berkley IllustrationBerkley Illustration

Birch + Bird: Custom stamp by Six & GrandCustom stamp by Six & Grand

Birch + Bird: Great Wide Open series by 1Canoe21Canoe2 via Poppytalk

Birch + Bird: Wilderness RomanceWilderness Romance

What are your thoughts on seeing buffalo in home decor? Love? Hate? I just think they’re pretty funny and there’s something so Canadiana (or Americana, depending what side of the border you’re on) about them. We had a really fun weekend filled with friends and family and now I’ve got to hit the ground running for the next three batches of The Urban Market that my shop, Spruce Collective, is hosting. I’m really behind on emails (sorry if you’re waiting to hear from me!) but hope to get caught up before the week gets away on me again. Have a great Monday!

November 25, 2013   4 Comments

Before + After: Gabe’s New Room

As promised, I’ve got some Before + After photos of Gabe’s new bedroom! If you’re out of the loop, our home has a 1 bedroom basement suite that we recently took over and it’s been pretty darned amazing to double our living space from 1200 to 2400 square feet! We thought our 10 year old son, Gabe, was ready for a bit more space to hang out with his buddies and study (or simply “chill like a villain”, as he likes to say :) and it just took a little time and elbow grease to get him settled in nicely. Come take a look…

Birch + Bird: Gabe's Room "Before"The “before” and “during” process (all photos by me)

You may remember my boy’s room inspiration post here and here’s another look at my mood “board”…

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room "Inspiration"

Gabe is a pretty mature 10-year old and definitely knows what he likes…and what he doesn’t (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree)!  This is a space that he’ll very likely grow into his teen years with so we kept to a mostly black + white scheme with bright pops of colour that can easily be changed with his tastes. He’s been passionate about skateboarding since he was about 2-years old (that canvas painting on the gallery wall was done by him at age 4!) and I’m sure he’ll soon be plastering the walls with posters of his favourite pros but, for now, this is what it looks like (sorry in advance for the dark photos, the day got away on me and I took these after sunset last night)…

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room "After"The “after” photos (all pics by me)

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room "After"

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room "After"

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room "After"

This was a budget room reno all the way and I only bought paint for the walls (it’s Cloud White, not as creamy as it looks in this dim light), I already had fireplace, trim + chalkboard paint, the metal side table ($160 from Spruce…it’s originally from a Spokane, WA hospital!), sheets ($30 from Homesense), desk chair ($35, Spruce Collective)  and some art, also from Spruce Collective (Phrenology head poster, $5, and ship prints, $22 each…all others I already had). My sister and her family recently downsized so we “inherited” the vintage desk and the antique metal bed belonged to my great grandmother. Each of the kids beds have been passed down through my mom’s side of the family which is pretty cool, I think! The laminate floor was existing (not my fave but is in good condition) and I gave the ’70′s mirrored closet doors and bedroom door a quick update with chalkboard paint. Still searching for a good ceiling light and a full-sized duvet cover but making do with what we already had for now. Gotta love a cheap home reno!

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room "After"

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room "After"

Birch + Bird: Gabe's room

And there it is! Hope you liked it and if you’re ever in the neighbourhood on a sunny day, you’ll likely find me here at my perch watching Gabe at the local skate park! We’re hosting The Urban Market this weekend so I’m beyond swamped and will be taking a blogging break for the rest of the week. Hope it’s good to you and I’ll be back to chat soon!

October 21, 2013   16 Comments

Wit + Whimsy: Art for Kids’ Rooms

Happy Wednesday to you! We’re plugging away at our home renos over here and between our busy schedules, Brad and I have wished more than once that we could hire a contractor to keep the momentum going for us. Alas,  it’s all on us this time ’round and the snowball effect continues. As many of you can relate, it’s tough to finish one room at a time and every room in the house is a wee bit topsy turvy right now, something I’ll just have to let go of for the next couple of months. Gabe’s room is sooo close to being done though and I promise to share some pics next week. His old room is empty and ready for a fresh coat of paint before Lilah moves in and I’m really excited to get some fresh art up on the walls.

Rise Art recently asked me to take part in their Blogger of the Moment series and it was pretty fun being interviewed about my artistic taste. As you know, I’m a big fan of gallery walls and bits of wit + whimsy thrown in for good measure, especially in family homes and kids spaces. It was tough to narrow down to just one, but I absolutely fell in love with this ”Art from the Menagerie” print by Kareena Zerefos up on the Rise Art website…

Birch + Bird: Rise Art Interview. Art from the Menagerie by Kareena Zerefos.“Art from the Menagerie” by Kareena Zerefos, available at Rise Art

Both of my girls are super creative. Sadie is more hands-on in her approach to art and creates a frenzy of paintings, sketches and journal entries everyday whereas Lilah is much more into imaginary play, a performer by all accounts. They are both beyond excited to finally have their own bedrooms and it’s pretty fun watching their personal styles evolve. Sadie has been set on incorporating the Eiffel Tower, gold polka dots and anything French since day 1 (she’s already set her sights on moving to Paris one day!) while Lilah’s tastes range from Rainbow-Sparkle-Unicorn themes (all together, of course!) to her current What-Does-the-Fox-Say obsession. So we’ll just have to see how her room comes together ;) Here are some great prints and easy framing ideas (love the chalkboard “frames” below!) that I’ve got my eye on for both of my girls’ spaces…

Birch + Bird: Kids Stuff WorldKids Stuff World

Birch + Bird: TrendenserTrendenser

Birch + Bird: Longfellow DesignsLongfellow Designs

Birch + Bird: Planete DecoPlanete Deco

Birch + Bird: Pottery Barn (prints currently not available)Pottery Barn (prints currently not available)

Birch + Bird: Keep Calm GalleryKeep Calm Gallery

Even though those adorable Pottery Barn posters are discontinued, I bet they’d be a pretty do-able DIY and I’ve been obsessed with this La Lune print forever…I really should put it on my Christmas list one of these years! Anyway, kids rooms are the perfect place to play with colour and art and I’m all for letting my kiddos have a big say when it comes to decorating their rooms…within reason, of course :)

October 16, 2013   8 Comments

Oh, Boy: Gabe’s Bedroom Inspiration

Thanks so much for all of your well wishes on Monday! We’re all on the mend and thankfully the sniffles seem to be on their way out the door. As promised, I’ve got some inspiration to share for Gabe’s new room but let me start by saying that finding good inspiration was far from easy! Gabe’s only 10 but he’s a pretty stylish dude and has always had a clear idea of what he likes when it comes to clothes, music and now his room. Thankfully, we’re on the same page for this project but it ‘s been slim pickings trolling Pinterest for rooms that I could picture him chilling in. Shopping for bedding hasn’t been any easier but he did spy this bespectacled sheet set which we both thought was pretty fun and they were on sale too, bonus! Trying to avoid anything too theme-y but here’s a little glimpse of the look we’re going for…a little bit nautical/skater-dude/vintage/quirky all rolled into one:

From my Instagram feed

I’ve been collecting art + furniture pieces from the shop (like this ship print and an amazing vintage hospital side table) along the way and will be borrowing a few (like my late great granny’s metal bed from my parents and a large persian rug from my sister) and am pretty excited to start painting this weekend. As per Gabe’s request, it will be mostly black + white with some bright pops of colour. Here are some other boyish spaces that caught our eye…

House & Home

Ollie & Seb’s Haus

House & Home

Emily Henderson

Living Etc.

Pretty cool, hey? Can’t wait to start pulling it all together so that I can show you all some After’s! Hope you’re having a great week so far :)

September 18, 2013   6 Comments

Family Living…in 500 square feet!

I’m a big fan of Jordan Ferney and all of her creative ventures over at Oh Happy Day. She and her husband recently moved back to San Francisco after living abroad in grand Paris (lucky, non?!) and settled themselves into this charming 500 sq ft apartment. Did I mention that they have 2 young sons and that, ahem, this space is only five hundred square feet? After some renovations and more than a few gallons of white paint, the Ferney residence is fresh, fun and functional…the perfect combination!

(At the request of Jordan, only 2 photos can be shared here but please visit Oh Happy Day to see many her entire house tour, including more before and afters of each room)

Photos by Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day

Confession, I struggle with being content. Always have and probably always will. It’s just my nature to always be thinking about the next project, plan or to-do on my list. (It’s not that I’m dissatisfied with what I have, quite the opposite in fact, as I feel blessed in so many ways in my life…I just always seem to be thinking ahead to what’s next). We live on pretty modest means and it’s easy to dream about spreading out in a bigger home at some point along the way so this apartment was a great reminder for me this week, proving once again that the actual square footage of a home means a lot less than how one actually uses the space. Minimal doesn’t need to look sterile. Surrounding ourselves with what we love and paring down to the items that we actually use and need will make even the tiniest abode function better and feel like home.

 Photos by Heather Zweig for Oh Happy Day

Touring through Jordan’s house tour inspired me to think smaller, purge the unnecessary clutter and  focus on how well our home functions rather than on the square footage it might be lacking. Does looking at other people’s homes (or lives on Instagram and other social media, for that matter) leave you feeling envious and discontent with your own space or does it inspire you to tackle future projects and DIY’s? I’ve been reading some interesting discussion on the subject and, personally, I wouldn’t be blogging about interiors if viewing so many spaces made me feel bad about my own home. I’m a dreamer and thinking ahead to long list of projects on my wish list (and believe me, it’s very much a wish list!) somehow keeps me going, despite the realities of our minimal budget. And I sincerely hope that the homes I share here make you feel just as excited and motivated for your own “one day” projects :)

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