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White + Wood: Adding Warmth

Happy belated Easter! Did you have a good weekend? Ours included lots of family time, far too many mini eggs, just the right amount of red wine and far too little progress with packing. In fact, I actually bought more at Ikea than I packed here at home, yikes! Our “new” townhouse was just completely renovated and is a clean slate which is awesome in so many ways but it also means we’re stocking up on closet organizers and other storage solutions pre-move to make the transition as easy as possible. It’s also very shiny and white, definitely the newest looking space that we’ll ever have lived in (despite it’s 37 years) and I’m really excited to warm it up with rustic wood accents, vintage pieces, art and overall layers of texture and pattern. Here are some great examples of warm white spaces with vintage personality:

HomeLifeHomelife via A House in the Hills

Las Cositas de Beach & Eauvía Las Cositas de Beach & Eau

Photo by James Stokes for VT Wonen.Photo by James Stokes for VT Wonen via The Style Files

Bri Emery's bedroom. Design by DesignLoveFest & SF Girl by Bay. Photo by Laure Joliet. Bri Emery‘s bedroom. Design by SF Girl by Bay + DesignLoveFestPhoto by Laure Joliet.

Photo by Lisa Romerein/OTTOPhoto by Lisa Romerein/OTTO via One King’s Lane

Thanks to all of you who shared moving tips on my last post, keep ‘em coming! Brad and I both have the day off today and the plan is to make an actual start at packing so I’d better get cracking. Enjoy your Monday!

April 21, 2014   3 Comments

Open House: Green Avenue, Part 1

With less than a month until moving day, it’s time for me to get serious about packing. Like, really serious. I haven’t filled a single box yet but am finding it really hard to start as most things can’t get boxed up until the very end. I suppose I’ll start with our storage room and work my out from there. Any moving pros out there? Please feel free to send tips my way! Packing means purging and although we already made a huge dent in our clutter pre-listing date, I’ve still got a few junk drawers and bins to sort through. Organizing takes so much brain power, doesn’t it? It can be draining but it’s worth it to see the final results. I promised I’d share some recent pics of our house before we move and here are some I took before our open house a couple of weeks ago:

Birch + Bird: My House | Home of Lily Ellis

Birch + Bird: My House | Home of Lily Ellis

Birch + Bird: My House | Home of Lily Ellis

Birch + Bird: My House | Home of Lily Ellis

Birch + Bird: My House | Home of Lily Ellis

Birch + Bird: My House | Home of Lily Ellis

Although I’ll miss our huge living room windows here on Green Ave, I’m really excited by the amount of wall space that we have in our new townhouse. I may or may not already be hoarding vintage art and signs from my shop, Spruce Collective for gallery walls galore. So much for purging! I’ve got some more pics of our bedrooms to share very soon and you can see past photos of our house (they’re much prettier than mine!) here, as well as pics of Gabe’s basement bedroom here. Happy hump day!

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Spring Fling: Colourful Art, Bright Accents + Girl Power

It suddenly feels like Spring, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s the whole “Springing forward” time change or seeing buds starting to bloom but whatever it is, I’m ready for it! The last of the snow has melted (knock on wood!) and I even left the house without a jacket yesterday, risky after the torrential downpours, I know but it feels great to start shedding layers. The changing of seasons is the perfect time to switch things up on the decor side of things and I always love seeing unexpected pops of colour. Art, rugs and quirky vintage finds are my favourite ways to inject bold hues into my own house and here are some other bright ideas:

"Girls vs. Women" print by Jenny Highsmith | MaieDae“Girls vs. Women” print by Jenny Highsmith

I came across the above Jenny Highsmith print recently and immediately ordered a copy for each of my Spruce partners (and more to sell in our shop, they’ll be in stock later this week!) and cannot wait to hang mine up at home! It’s been mildly shocking how often we’re asked “how on earth can five women be in business together?!” (generally accompanied by a skeptical laugh) and even more shocking that the question is most frequently asked by other women. I don’t suppose that certain reality shows have done us any favours and although it’s really unfortunate that some people find it easier to visualize cat fighting brawls instead of creative collaboration, I’m extremely thankful that this quote sums up the reality of our collective experience at Spruce! I truly hope that it’s reflective of your own relationships with women as well. Happy International Women’s Day, by the way :)

Ikea Hack, Jallvik colour blocked frames. Photo by Livet Hemma. Livet Hemma via Poppytalk

INT2 ArchitectureINT2 Architecture via Behance via My Paradissi

Style Me Pretty. Hong Photography.Hong Photography for Style Me Pretty

Studio of Leah Alexandra. Photo by Janis Nicolay. Styling by The Cross.

Studio of Leah Alexandra in Style at Home magazine. Photo by Janis Nicolay via SF Girl by Bay. Styling by The Cross Design.

My AtticMy Attic

HK Living. Trendspanarna.HK Living via Trendspanarna.

Whether your budget is big (lucky you!) or small (I can relate), it doesn’t take much to add a little taste of Spring to your space. Bright blooms are always a great place to start (tulips are my fave) and I’ve framed everything from postcards and book pages to tea towels and wallpaper scraps, cheap and easy! Do you adjust your colour scheme with changing seasons? If so, I’d love to hear your own tips and tricks. Chat soon!

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On Display: Organized Collections

There are a few areas of my life that feel a little out of my control lately (including but not exclusive to mounds of laundry, bulging closets + our ongoing basement renovations) but I find that starting and finishing one organized task every now and then can make all the difference. Single small tasks make that looming mountain of to-do’s suddenly seem achievable (or at least within reach!), one baby step at a time. My partner Jessica and I spent a couple of hours yesterday styling some new product displays at the shop and, while it certainly didn’t solve world hunger or magically fold my laundry, it sure felt great to purge some shop clutter and make things look pretty! Although it’s all just stuff, I think our personal surroundings reflect our emotions in at least some small way, would you agree? Here are some more orderly shelves, art + collections that are soothing to the eye and to the soul:

Spruce Collective, Abbotsford BCSpruce Collective (excuse the iPhone pic!)

Image removed at request of photographer. See The Glitter Guide for photo.

Oh Joy!Oh Joy! Photo by Casey Bradley.

Kelli MurrayKelli Murray

Tracey Ayton Photography for Style at Home. Michelle Morlean Design.Tracey Ayton Photography for Style at Home. Michelle Morlean Design.

Lonny. Photo by Patrick Cline.Lonny via SF Girl by Bay. Photo by Patrick Cline.

Do you find organizing your living space therapeutic or overwhelming? A combination of both? Me too! With my busy schedule, I find it much easier to tackle small tasks like a drawer or single kitchen cupboard rather than pushing my luck with an entire closet or room. Organized moments may be fleeting these days but they sure feel like a breath of fresh air!

February 19, 2014   3 Comments

Colour Love: Real Life Confessions + Plenty of Pink

This week hasn’t felt especially “busy” per say but I must admit that I’m in a total rut when it comes to housework and home organization and it’s really bogging me down. Spending my days at the shop (which I love!) makes the afternoons of picking up kids, sporadic grocery shopping and frenzied dinner/homework/bedtimes a total rush/blur/cranky mess and I’ve pretty much been a cranky beast. I have got to get it under control (or at least manageable!) but I’m having a hard time getting out of my slump. It’s Sadie’s birthday this weekend so I forced (ahem) pushed myself to finally hang a gallery wall in her room last night (something I would usually totally enjoy!) but I started too late, throwing off bedtime and my overall mood.  But, silver lining, Sadie’s gallery wall looks great and I’m so glad I powered through. I just found this “Brave Girl” download that I’ll be printing off asap to add to it too, cute right? Since her room is mostly black, white + pink I thought the rest of these images were fitting too:

Danielle Burkleo: Free Printable! Free Printable by Danielle Burkleo

100 Layer Cake:Modern Pink + Black + White Party Ideas100 Layer Cake

The Everygirl: Kristin Jackson Home TourThe Everygirl

Butter's Shaped Cookies. Photo by Janis Nicolay.Janis Nicolay

Agent Bauer: Marcus LawettAgent Bauer: Marcus Lawett

Baker's Royale: Blushing Kiss MartiniBaker’s Royale: Blushing Kiss Martini

Any working moms or dads out there? Or worker bees in general? How on earth do you keep up appearances at home? My creative and renovation ambitions seem to leave themselves at Spruce these days and, let’s face it, I’m flipping’ tired by the time I get the kiddos in bed! But I generally do well under pressure and we’ve got 2 parties here this weekend so that’s motivation enough to hustle and get things somewhat in order. Just don’t open any closets if you happen to pop by for a visit! What motivates you to get sh#t done? Please share!

February 5, 2014   11 Comments