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Collective Thinking: Shared Workspaces

Rachel and I have mentioned several times before about our longing for home workspaces of our own. Now that the kids on vacation from school it’s been especially hard for me to sit down and write (between “I want a snack!” and “can you turn the sprinkler on?” interruptions) and I’ve pulled a few more late nighters than I anticipated. I did plan on stocking up at least a few more blog topics this week while they were at their day camps but suddenly found myself very distracted with a potential business adventure and it’s BIG! I am literally chomping at the bit to tell you more but for now will have to leave you hanging, at least until some key details fall into place. But these pictures may just give you a huge hint about what’s in the works for the very near future…

Photo by Bethany Nauert for Apartment Therapy


Micasa Revista. Photo by Jake Fitzjones.

Amy Osaba Floral Workshop via 100 Layer Cake

Photo by Carina Olander for Bolig Pluss


Design Milk

Atlanta Homes via Verdigris Vie

The Globe & Mail. Design by Kelly Deck. Photo by Barry Calhoun.

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Have you had the opportunity to sit with a group of like-minded people to brainstorm and swap ideas with? I’ve been lucky enough to share plenty of creative sessions with Rachel (who I’ve been missing more than ever this week!) and casual coffee dates with other vintage sellers, bloggers and larger groups as well. It always feels great to bounce ideas off of others who “get” what you’re doing and I’m always amazed at the amount of creative inspiration that can spark from seemingly chance encounters. Fingers crossed that I’ll have many more of these meetings-of-the-minds very soon! Sorry for the cliff hanger but please stay tuned…

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Dreaming of a Home Office

Yesterday afternoon, Lily and I started sorting through our shop inventory for The Old School Market.  Our inventory is split between both of our homes and for the most part this works out just fine.  It would certainly be a dream come true if we could have it all organized and displayed in one shared workspace…I’m sure you’ve heard us mention this before.  But for now, we’ll have to work with what we have.


Apartment Therapy

I’ve been struggling to find the perfect spot in my home for my office.  I think I’ve moved my desk about three times in the last year.  And that’s not an easy task because it’s a fairly large, solid oak teacher’s desk.  I’ve tried keeping it right front and centre  so that I could check in on things every time I passed by.  I’ve tried tucking it a little out of the way so I could get a little more peace and quiet.  I then begged my husband and my brother to haul it into the basement so I could gain some more space.  But it’s still not working for me.  Do you have any tips?  How have you made your home office space work for you?


Elle Decor

I think I need a real office.  You know, one with a door.

A girl can dream, right?


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Welcoming House Guests

Living close to family and friends for the first half of our married lives together has meant that we haven’t had a tonne of opportunity for house guests.  But now that we are thousands of miles away, we already miss our family and friends and would love a visitor now and then.  To make it comfortable for long stays, I think doing some preparation beforehand can go a long way in making their stay as comfortable as possible.  Having a dedicated guest room and bath would be luxurious but it isn’t always possible so carving out some space might be necessary.  Turning a home office into an guest oasis and clearing out a drawer or two in a bathroom gives guests their own space and prevents everyone from stepping on each other’s toes.  But let’s just say we lived in a dream world and you have an extra room for guests to stay.

 Apartment Therapy

I know when I’m a guest, I always feel like I’m intruding so stocking up prevents guests from having to ask.  Besides giving your guest room a hotel makeover, stock your fridge with snacks and beverages and be sure to put some in their room as well.  The sky is the limit but adding personal items like a journal, magazines and books, maps and information about local attractions and an extra house key will make your guests feel right at home. I guess it all depends on how often you expect guests and how long you want them to stay.

West Elm

Apartment Therapy

Alexandra ANGLE Interior Design

New Designing

 Coyuchi via Remodelista

The house that we had us drooling on the weekend had an extra room that would work perfectly as a shared office and guest room with a private bath across the hall…just one of the many features we loved about the home.  If a private guest bath isn’t an option, a vanity in their room for doing hair and makeup can provide the same level of comfort.  I realize that this bathroom is on the larger side but  I thought this armoir would be perfect for guests.


West Elm

 Design Sponge


Do you take in house guests?  Any tips you’d like to share?

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Organized Thoughts: Studio Dreaming

Thanks so much for your well wishes, emails and texts after my last post. I didn’t mean to worry anyone but I think it’s important not to gloss over the dreary bits in life as reality often isn’t nearly as pretty as what’s filtered through Instagram, agreed? Life/marriage/parenting/etc is a series of hills and valleys (some steeper than others) but I think my situation is starting the climb back uphill and I’m feeling much brighter than I was at the beginning of the week. Talking things out always helps (although it’s super hard for me) and I’m blessed with a pretty awesome support group, even when I don’t feel like sharing much.

Also brightening my thoughts are some upcoming renos at the shop. We’ve all been sharing a shoebox sized office at Spruce Collective for over a year now, not easy considering there are 5 of us partners plus our full-time store manager and 4 employees! Needless to say, when working on our website/paperwork/phone calls/etc we’re always tripping on each other (or locking the door!) and it’s impossible to stay 100% organized. Earlier this summer, we divided our workshop in half with a temporary wall (made of vintage doors) to create a fashion boutique. It’s been an amazing success so we’ve decided to put up a permanent wall and allocate the other half (currently workshop/lunch room/catch-all disaster) to one gloriously spacious shared workspace. First on the agenda is a huge 3-month calendar to keep track of all of our store events, vintage rental bookings, financials and more. It will be life changing!

The Design Files via DwellHome of Lucy Feagins/The Design Files via Dwell

Ferm Living Wall CalendarFerm Living Wall Sticker Calendar

Design Love FestDesign Love Fest Studio

Country LivingCountry Living

Fancy-New Zealand Design BlogFancy-New Zealand Design Blog

A sense of order makes everything easier, doesn’t it? Sometimes simply cleaning a closet or drawer can make all the difference on stressful day. I’ve got quite a bit of organizing to do on the home front starting with Sadie’s room, which I painted last weekend. Hoping to finish decorating it over the next few days and I will definitely share some pics. What organizing projects do you have looming? Let’s tackle them together!

January 8, 2014   4 Comments

Neat + Tidy: Orderly Open Shelves

Admittedly, I’ve been feeling spread a little thin these days…again, I know! As I spilled to my partner Elisa at the shop yesterday, I’m really good with lists and deadlines (I’ve got good hustle!) but the reality of being a store owner/mother/wife/friend/daughter/etc/etc/etc is that my lists will never be done.. It’s mostly exciting but I definitely do have my moments of feeling overwhelmed. During one of these “moments” the other day, I dropped everything and did a spontaneous Spring cleaning of my daughters’ shared room. As most parents can relate, hearing yourself make the same pleas to “tidy up” and “put things away” gets very old, as do the teeny bits and bobs that my little hoarders-in-the-making seem to endlessly collect. So, while the girls were outside on the trampoline (sneaky!), I emptied every last nook and cranny in their room and eventually found some order amidst the chaos. It felt so great to organize one entire room from top to bottom! Sometimes it takes clearing the physical cobwebs to rid yourself of the mental ones, would you agree?

A Beautiful Mess

Obviously, I’m a lover of collections and displaying what you love but there’s a fine line between a curated collection and plain old clutter. Art and objects need room to breathe to be appreciated and a little space is good for everyone ;)

The Marion House Book

Style At Home

Dear Me via We Heart


Linus Bikes via DesignLoveFest

Academy Tiles

Are you drawn to minimal displays or are you of the more-is-more mentality? Or do you prefer to hide it all behind closed doors? Either way, it’s always good to reevaluate all of the goods that we collect over time. Whether that means emptying a single shelf or an entire room, putting back only what you truly love and/or find useful is so refreshing. An ongoing challenge, most definitely! Speaking of challenges, my girls were thrilled to come inside and find their room so neat and tidy! They’ve been trying to keep it in exactly the same state ever since….although, we’ll see how long that lasts!

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